Network Research | We Locate Your Talent with Sourcing
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We Locate Your Talent with Sourcing

Are you tired of wading through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles just to find one qualified candidate for a job opening? Lead generation is a time-intensive process of developing and nurturing quality leads that internal recruiters often don’t have the time to undertake effectively and efficiently.

A Sourcing Service that Saves You Time

At Network Research, we save you time with our extensive sourcing through carefully-cultivated leads and comprehensive web search. Many internal recruiters are often pressed for time and don’t have the bandwidth to focus on sourcing. Our innovative sourcing service makes the process easier and less time-consuming for your recruitment team.

Qualified Leads

Our expert sourcers are trained to find the most qualified leads through an extensive web-based search process. We deliver qualified leads based on your specific set of parameters, so you don’t expend valuable resources searching for leads.

Fill the Top of the Funnel Faster

Network Research’s innovative sourcing service combines our knowledge of how to carefully analyze profiles with our expert search techniques. Our sourcing service saves recruiters countless hours of work by allowing them to easily reach out to more people and fill the top of the funnel faster.

Stop Searching. Start Hiring.

Contact us to find out how we can help you attract the top talent your organization needs.